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Beauty & Wellness...Time Well Spent!

Beauty is not just looking great, it’s about feeling that way also. You see looking beautiful is about what everyone else notices about you. But feeling beautiful is how you feel about yourself. I always grew up hearing "Pretty is as Pretty Does". So you might look pretty on the outside but inside you are not really what you appear.

Beauty and wellness services have a way of connecting you to yourself. So treating yourself to some pampering is a great thing! By enhancing your own beauty it will elevate your self esteem. Making sure to take time for beauty and wellness services is a way to not only appreciate, but to also lift up and reward yourself.

Everyone deserves to be appreciated and admired. When people improve their appearance something wonderful happens. People pay more attention to you. People listen to you and even ask more of your opinion when you are put together. I believe this is due to an increase in confidence! One that you evoke and that they also pick up from you.

When someone sits in my chair and tells me that what I have achieved is beautiful, I always make sure that they also recognize that they also feel better! Part of what I provide is beauty care. The other part is self confidence and appreciation of ones self. So giving the visual change is important, building confidence and self assurance is really the reward.

One easy way to look and feel better is sleep. Or what some people call "Beauty Sleep". A good quality of sleep and quantity makes you refreshed and you wake up with more energy. Looking tired on the outside may change how people perceive you. It is good for your health in general and is good for the health of your skin. A lot of people spend thousands of dollars on Botox or fillers for wrinkles and fine lines. But getting a good nights sleep is totally free!

Taking care of your body and image starts from the inside out. What one puts in one gets out. There is no shame for wanting to feel pretty and confident, you just need to know what makes you feel better about yourself and do it. Many people base their beauty on what they see on television, websites and in fashion magazines, never realizing that those looks are often unattainable. Trying to imitate someone else does not help you to connect with yourself. So be your personal best and avoid trying to fit in someone else's mold. You are uniquely Beautiful!

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Meet Doyle Sims - Doyle Designed, The Salon Committed to Change

Stylist / Beauty Industry Educator/ Image Specialist

My beauty industry career began when I was 21. Having always been artistic, I was drawn to the many facets of the beauty industry that would empower me to be an artist.

My service style has always been to provide clients with a simple policy of "tell don’t sell."

By sharing my knowledge, and continuing to update awareness, my clients receive a customized image.

A strong, trusting relationship with clients enables me to do more than cut, color and style... I help to create a positive first impression.

Community motivated, I've donated time and talent on countless occasions.

My biggest pleasure is watching the expression on a face that has gone too long without feeling unique and beautiful.

Mission Statement

The Staff of Doyle Designed is dedicated to you and your family's complete visual image. Our Commitment to continuing education enables us to remain at the forefront of hair, makeup, and nail care technology.

Our goal is to provide every one of our client's with personalized quality image enhancement. Our Salon is dedicated to the achievement of positive visual change.
We are the Salon "Committed to Change".